Hello and welcome to Adrestia’s Geeks. Home to all geeks and geeks at heart. I wanted to start this blog as a way to give voice to some my opinions and experiences of the things I care about in life namely comics, manga, games, movies, and TV. Though feel free to share any other genres you wish to talk about in the geek culture.

It is nice to see what was once considered a counter culture to be considered mainstream. We are getting more geek oriented movies. The gaming industry is exploding. Anime is no longer a niche market like it once was. It’s a good time to be a geek in the world.

Though let’s face it we all have a little rebellious nature left in us. Despite our conventions and deep love of mainstream. I’m sure some of us would prefer it if we were still the underdogs. I once had a shirt that read “Normal is Boring” and that’s never been more true than today.

So as I figure this site out I invite you all to take the journey with me. Maybe recommend to me some of your favorite things from anime, books, movies or games. Whatever floats your boat. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment on anything I post in good nature.