Hunter x Hunter is an enjoyable anime. There are even moments when it is great. Gon’s fight with Hisoka comes to mind. However I could never bring myself to fall in love with it the way some people have. Yea I get the action and the story is OK. Honestly the Chimera Ant Arc is the best one, too bad you have to wait three seasons for it and suffer a whole , not very interesting, island arc.

My problem is I saw Togashi’s other masterpiece Yu Yu Hakusho first. It’s literally impossible for me to turn my brain off and not compare them. Honestly side by side, Hunter x Hunter falls short. Yu Yu Hakusho suffered from bad timing. It was created during the Dragonball era and so was largely overshadowed by that fantastic anime. Those who did see it will never forget it.


Yusuke Urameshi

Starts off as the toughest high school delinquent in school in the show. (Thank god this anime wasn’t made today. There are actually very few school and classroom episodes) However he must take on the role of Spirit Detective in the first episode after an accident. The funny thing is he doesn’t want to do it. He is basically dragged along kicking and screaming.

For those who have only seen Hunter x Hunter he is basically what Gon would have been like if he was grown and not as innocent. A much better depiction of a teen and not nearly as dense socially, he also lacks a father figure in his life and his mom is a drunk. However his whole quest is not to find a father figure, it’s to live his life the way he wants to. Unfortunately for him, that means slamming his fists into a few demons and monsters from time to time.



Let’s get this out there; Hiei’s signature look was basically stolen from Vegeta from DBZ. Sure he was given a third eye to throw things off, but it’s pretty clear who he was based on. Hiei is a fire demon born to clan of ice demons. Seen as a sign of calamity he was thrown from a cliff and left to die.

Undeniable he is my favorite character of the series. He is always cool and calm even when fighting in a dire situation. He is actually pretty short but that lets opponents underestimate him. Those who he can’t cut down with his sword he puts down with his dark flame attacks which are undeniable cool. Especially the first time you witness his Dragon of the Darkness Flame in the Dark Tournament. It was an epic moment for me.

Honestly Killua just doesn’t measure up to him. Sure he is closer to Gon than Hiei is depicted to Yusuke, but he just doesn’t do it for me.



Probably my second favorite character in the show, he is Hiei’s partner in crime. They start off as antagonists that need to be put down before being forced to work with Yusuke and Kuabara. Kurama is cold and calculating. It’s never explicitly stated if he is a reincarnation or a rebirth of a legendary demon. A little of both I guess. He still has his memories of his former life, but his spirit has bonded with his human form. Oddly enough he is also a student, though he is only ever shown going to class once. He gets top marks naturally.

Kurama is an expert at plants. His signature weapon is a rose whip. It’s much cooler and deadlier than it sounds. He is kind of like a demon version of Poison Ivy even down to the red hair. He also has a variety of plants for many situations. One of my favorites is a carnivorous one that devours its prey in agony.

Kurapika just doesn’t do it for me in comparison. I’ll give you that his revenge arc is good. However as a character he falls flat. The group he is hunting doesn’t even care about him. At least Kurama strikes fear into whoever learns his true name.



Honestly a lot of Hunter X Hunter is a rehash of Yu Yu Hakusho particularly in the Hunter Exam and Fighting Tower. I get it.  Why waste time coming up with something original when you can take one of your other very successful properties put a little twist on it and readapt it with slightly different characters. It’s actually what Hollywood is doing right now with all their remakes. The island arc is more original but I also didn’t like it. Really the strength of the show is all down to the Chimera Ant. Comparatively almost all of Yu Yu Hakusho is good.

I must give credit where credit is due their version of the team fool; Leorio is much less annoying than Kuabara in Yu Yu Hakusho. Though that could also be because of the voice actor in the dub, his voice irritates me intentional or not. Hisoka is also a much more scary foe than the clown in Yu Yu Hakusho, the beautiful Suzuka.