Poaching in Final Fantasy Tactics is highly recommended as soon as possible. For those who never used the mechanic before, it basically lets you buy items for cheaper than their shop cost and gives you access to rare items. All you have to do is have the skill Secret Hunt equipped from your Thief Class. At 200 Job points it is actually very economical. I recommend all your characters learn it even if you learn nothing else as a Thief.

It works like this, with Secret Hunt equipped, all you have to do is kill monsters with your regular attack. As a side perk it also prevents Ghosts, Ghouls, Skeletons and other undead creatures from reviving. Keep in mind the Fur shop itself doesn’t open until the Third Chapter. Still you should poach as soon as you can as all your poaches will be carried over with you. Fur shops also only appear in Trade Cities.


Early Ribbon Poach

If you were unaware a Ribbon is one of the best headpieces in the game. Unfortunately this time around it is not an accessory and can only be worn by women. You can only get a Ribbon by poaching a Wildbow. This is generally only accessible by breeding an Uribo. Which can be tricky as in the original version of the game you only have 16 character slots and you are given 15 special characters overall. As a side note you can also steal one at the end of the Third Chapter off one of the Assassins Elmdore has with him. Though this extremely difficult as you have to protect Rafa or you fail.

I initially thought you had to wait until the Fourth Chapter when the Deep Dungeon opens to get them. However you can find and recruit an Uribo as early as the Second Chapter. One randomly spawns during the story battle in Zigolis Swamp on your way to Goug Machine City for the first time. I am not sure what the chances are. I know you can also have a Marlboro spawn there as well in its place. If it doesn’t spawn simply reset your game and do it again you’ll eventually see the Uribo spawn.

From here all you have to do is recruit the Uribo into your party and wait for it lay eggs. You need to keep at least one of them in your party in order for it to spawn others. This can be done by simply walking on the map. Also it doesn’t matter which kind of pig you have any of them can spawn a Wildbow. All it takes is time and patience and you’ll get the ribbon eventually.



While waiting to poach that mythical Wildbow, you will be able to collect a variety of useful items from the Fur Shop. The most useful is the Chantage perfume.  This is easily the best accessory in the game as although it doesn’t give you any stats, it basically makes any female character you have immortal. It gives them the statuses Always Regen and Reraise. Unlike regular Reraise when they do die wearing a Chantage it revives them and doesn’t go away when you wake up.

Once I started farming these it pretty much changed my whole perception of female characters. Yes male recruits start out with better PA, but they don’t have an accessory that makes them immortal. The only way to stop a female character wearing a Chantage is to turn her to stone. However if she is wearing a Ribbon or any other hairpiece that prevents it there is basically no way to stop them.

This makes characters like Agrias and Meliadoul insanely useful. Matter of fact it’s the best reason to still use Alicia and Lavian. A party of Ramza and four women wearing Chantages and Hairbands pretty much means someone will always be alive to revive Ramza even on insane boss fights and Zodiac Castings. As a side note you can also steal one from Meliadoul in the when you first fight her.