Wolf Guy is a decent horror manga that I have read within the last year. It definitely falls into the Seinen category so it does contain so major violence and adult situations. It’s part of the reason I read it honestly. I am very into horror and gratuitous violence type of show.

I haven’t actually read a lot of Seinen besides Berserk until the last few years when I have had more time. Like a lot of you I mostly read and watched shonen battle series of various elements. Some were better than others. However I was always drawn to the bizarre and horrific shows that did show up from time to time. Hellsing is definitely a great example. Somehow though despite seeing a few of the fantastic horror Seinen adapted, I never actually read them much.

For those in the same boat the Seinen genre is similar to the more popular Shonen series. There are good ones, there are bad ones. Some are one offs of authors who clearly just got started, while some are masterpieces. It might just be me but I’ve read more variety in the quality than in Shonen. I suppose in a marketing perspective it makes sense. They are reaching for a specific demographic.

Wolf Guy falls into to the category of good but not great. I had a great time reading it. However I must acknowledge its weaknesses and that it is not destined for animation. Honestly I don’t mind some tales are just unadaptable.



Manga just like the more mainstream outlets typically favor vampires as their creatures of the night. I suppose it makes sense as they already had versions of vampires in Japanese lore. However it is refreshing to see different. It was great to just read something about werewolves.

Sure we had Wolf’s Reign. And there were also wolf demons in Inuyasha to be fair. However Wolf Guy featured a more classic western version of the werewolf. It actually had a pretty interesting take on it and a unique system of powers.

Wolf Guy Grope.jpg


There is no getting around this one.  The main female in the manga very graphically raped over and over during her captivity. This is one thing that adaptions tend to skip over. However I don’t think that is possible really. It is actually a central part of the plot.

You can’t just take out all the rape in the manga and hope kidnapping has the same impact. It doesn’t really. If she was just kidnapped there would have been no reason to rush to get her out.  I do understand it makes people uncomfortable just look at what happened to Casca in Berserk. It’s been 20 years and people still talk about it. And for fans who only watched the anime that heavily toned down and edited, in the manga it’s much more graphic.

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Rushed Plot

This is probably the most glaring issue in the manga as a while. I noticed after reading it is that the plot feels rushed even after 100 plus chapters. There actually isn’t much to it once the main female gets kidnapped. Before that they had decent smaller arcs covering school days. It was a little cliché however it was just unique enough to keep reading.

If you ask me there story is better in the first half when he is in school. His powers were still a mystery to everyone. The school tough guys were trying to subjugate him. He didn’t want to be a hero or rallying point but they would not leave well enough alone. Violence kind of just exploded and it was awesome.

The plot got lost in the second half once it becomes more of a cliché kidnapping story with gangsters. Maybe it was something the author always planned, but it was poorly executed. The main character Inugami rushes to save his teacher after he decided she means something to him. Before this he constantly tells her to stay away from him. I know some of you might say Tsundere but it wasn’t like that. In no way did he ever show hints that he actually cared.

He’s basically a jerk the entire time to her. She is clearly drawn to him, which I am fine with. In many shows and stories women are drawn to werewolves. However I felt it was a bit unbelievable to write them as if they were in love. It’s basically like one chapter he doesn’t want anything to do with her and the next he is willing to do anything to save her, with no real reason why.


If you are a fan of horror and gore this manga is a fun read. The plot in the second half is pretty paper thin though. Stay away if you are disturbed by rape however. There is no avoiding it really you can’t just skip over it hoping it’s only one chapter. It’s a long drawn out thing. I actually commend the author for going there. It’s hard to even write a story with it in, I can’t imagine drawing one.

This will likely never receive the anime treatment. Studios would have to do major plot changes and turn it into something that it is not. While I know studios are not adverse to major changes, it doesn’t seem worth it with a manga like this. That being said I am still hoping for a better werewolf story sometime.